“I’m going to stop making fun of crunchy, Birkenstock-wearing hippies driving their holier-than-thou Priuses and figure out how to retro-fit my bro’s 1984 VW vanagon for biofuel so I can drive cross country guilt-free.” - Ashley Ahearn


While most off grid living happening on land, the 'Waterpod' is a useful and self-sufficient green project--a mobile art studio, aquatic living space, classroom, and science lab, all while being to move on the water.

Colorado Writer’s Pod

This concept for a Colorado based writer, is pretty neat- it has the ability to be moved by truck or helicopter to new inspirational locations.

Plug and Play Off Grid

Buy a container, open up the package and you are on your way to living off the grid with your existing home! Incredible.

zeroHouse Prefab

Another architect with a house, looking for investment...

Bioluminescent Light

Bacterial culture that gives off soft light for your off grid home.

Judith Mountain Cabin

"It was like being hit by lightning," after a client of Prairie Wind Architecture built a cabin that provided a lot of light to the structure. Read about the building here. Image source

Yucca Valley Dirt Bag House

This has got to be one of the most innovative 1st world representations of using dirt bags. Located in Yucca Valley, California. If building a house like this for the rest of the world helps neglected groups, then let it be.

Garbage Warrior Documentary

Shot over three years in the USA, India and Mexico, Garbage Warrior is a feature-length documentary film telling the epic story of maverick architect Michael Reynolds and his fight to introduce radically sustainable housing. An inspirational tale of triumph over bureaucracy, Garbage Warrior is above all an intimate portrait of ...

Palm Springs Ranch House

In this ranch style house, the architect built a modern house that can hold up against any environmental condition.

Building the Jefferson Earthship

For comprehensive information about these buildings, head on over to Earthship Biotecture.

March 4th 2015
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Tentsile Hammock

Tentsile is a hammock and a tent that can be suspended as a shelter or on the ground.
August 9th 2014
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Off Grid Urban Seattle Farm

Mithun created for the Living Building Challenge, this energy and water self-sufficient, 31,000-sq-ft rooftop rainwater collecting, gray water recycling, 34,000-sq-ft solar panel, food growing,  318 apartments housing, building.
March 16th 2014
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Construction of a 1500 sf. home in 6 days.
January 30th 2014
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Kahuna Camping Kayak

Human powered kayak, ready for camping or pedaling.
January 26th 2014
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Ice Lab : Antarctica

Off grid is the way to live in Antarctica. Polar research at it's finest.


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