“I’m going to stop making fun of crunchy, Birkenstock-wearing hippies driving their holier-than-thou Priuses and figure out how to retro-fit my bro’s 1984 VW vanagon for biofuel so I can drive cross country guilt-free.” - Ashley Ahearn

Ice Lab : Antarctica

Off grid is the way to live in Antarctica. Polar research at it's finest.

Survivorman: Off The Grid – Documentary

Lee Stroud's documentary of not hippie communal back to landers, but survivalists living with nature.

Lessons of Going Off the Grid

Dealing with snow and altitude- what is it worth going off grid? Read on here.

Not Just for the Amish

There are 180,000 families across North America that are self-sufficient, some of these people are in the following video:

Nick Rosen’s Off Grid America

Nick Rosen who is the go-to guy for knowledge about going off the grid made this video about a woman named Vonnie who used to work as a VP for Urban Outfitters, now living in Star Community outside Taos, New Mexico. It's 20 minutes away from the store, but it ...

March 4th 2015
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Tentsile Hammock

Tentsile is a hammock and a tent that can be suspended as a shelter or on the ground.
August 9th 2014
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Off Grid Urban Seattle Farm

Mithun created for the Living Building Challenge, this energy and water self-sufficient, 31,000-sq-ft rooftop rainwater collecting, gray water recycling, 34,000-sq-ft solar panel, food growing,  318 apartments housing, building.
March 16th 2014
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Construction of a 1500 sf. home in 6 days.
January 30th 2014
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Kahuna Camping Kayak

Human powered kayak, ready for camping or pedaling.
January 26th 2014
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Ice Lab : Antarctica

Off grid is the way to live in Antarctica. Polar research at it's finest.


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