“I’m going to stop making fun of crunchy, Birkenstock-wearing hippies driving their holier-than-thou Priuses and figure out how to retro-fit my bro’s 1984 VW vanagon for biofuel so I can drive cross country guilt-free.” - Ashley Ahearn

Heating and Cooling

According to Krzysztof Lis, off-grid heating consists of good thermal insulation that will save as much heat as possible, utilizing solar heat gains whenever reasonable, and an additional heat source like electric heating powered by a wind turbine or wood stove fueled with wood chips produced on site. And off-grid cooling can be maintained with evaporative cooling, ground coupled heat exchanger (earth tubes / earth-air heat exchanger — for cooling incoming air, that will reduce cooling requirements, but will not be enough to substitute traditional air conditioner) and an absorption chiller.

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